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Poet / Creative / Wordsmith
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In my world, reading and poetry are like breathing and music of all kinds is a constant. 


I live in Richmond, Virginia, but I’m originally from a tiny town outside of the glorious city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am an avid Steelers fan but that doesn’t begin to explain my passion for the Black and Gold! Let’s just say that game days are loud. 


I love quality time with friends and a good cup of Starbucks nitro cold brew. Traveling is a drug that I can’t get enough of. Every place I visit and every training I go to, I collect people and the experiences I get to share with them. 

About Me

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What People are Saying . . .

Ames is one of the most considerate, empathic, down-to-earth people I know. Her huge heart and passion for kindness is shown not only in the words she writes but in the friendships she creates. I’m honoured to have her in my life.


I have never met Ames face to face, yet I feel as though she is a soul sister to me. Someone I love so deeply and root so hard for. It never ceases to amaze me that words brought us together—something we both write, but with different mediums and outlets. I am not sure these words are enough to fully express what Ames means to me, but I hope she always knows how much I love her. 





What can I say, my sister is an amazing woman and creativity seems to ooze from her. She is a fiercely loyal friend and a deep empath. All of these things give her poetry a depth and connection that speaks too so many, including her sisters. I adore her and know that there is so much that will speak to you as well, no matter who you are. 





Not only is Ames one of the most caring people I have ever known but she has the most beautiful soul you could ever come in touch with. The only thing bigger than her heart is her ability to make you feel at peace with who you are and who you can become. Never will you meet someone as humble or more giving of herself. If you have ever spent time with her, you will know how it feels to be in the presence of greatness. 

Angela G.



This book of poetry is filled with so many emotions. Ames shares sadness, grief, strength and love. Her poetry brings forward things that everyone feels in life in a way that makes you believe she has written this book specifically for you. As a reader you feel the vulnerability that Ames puts into every page as she shares her heart. 

Rachel R. 

I received this book earlier today, and sat down to read it. I finished it in one sitting - and what a roller coaster of emotions it put me through. It was as if the author had looked inside my mind, my heart... taken the words I was afraid to utter openly and penned them on paper. I smiled, I cried, I felt justified in my own emotions so many times. If you are struggling with feelings or know someone who is, get them this book. I cannot recommend this little book enough. It's just beautiful all the way through.



Kirsten G.

Click on the firefly jar for Poetry


It's here! 

Poetry Book! Because . . .

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